LCS provides telephone systems to businesses of all sizes throughout the SA. Working with a range of leading manufacturers allows us to offer a tailored solution to meet your business needs.

Telephone Systems

The Most Cost Efficient Telephone Systems.

LCS Office Automation provides award winning Cloud-Based Telephone Services, Business Telephone Systems, VoIP Phones and Hosted PBX’s to businesses in both Small to Mid-Sized Businesses and Enterprise Level Markets. As a VoIP SIP Service Provider, LCS Office Automation begins with a complimentary customer ROI Review to determine a client’s current voice / data operating costs, service configurations and requirements. The company then prepares a plan that will reduce costs, improve all services by removing old technology while upgrading to new and improved cost efficient technology and phones.

ROI Analysis

With each new client, we provide a comprehensive analysis of your existing phone system and show you how we can save you money.

Global Connectivity

LCS Office Automation's VoIP Phone Systems helps you to stay connected to your customers and staff anywhere in the world where internet service is available.

Cloud Technology

Our VoIP Service comes with a Failover Redundancy feature ensuring your phone service is working 24x7 while delivering optimal digital call quality.

VoIP Products

We use products from manufactures that are on the leading-edge of technology in order to provide the best user experience in communication.

Intuitive Technology

Log into our VoIP Service Portal from anywhere and have complete control over all of the features that allow you to customize your experience to your needs.

PBX Solutions

With a Premise Based Phone System, it is regarded as the "standard" in business communication and is revolutionizing the way business communicates.

Telephone systems

LCS OFFICE AUTOMATION is a registered Samsung dealer, and an Authorised Representative of MIA Telecoms (PTY) Ltd. for the supply and service of the Samsung PABX systems, together with our voice solutions.

 LCS Office Automation also became a Authorised Reseller of Panasonic PABX’s with highly trained Technical Staff to service and maintain such mentioned PABX’s.

In today’s world, voice is so much more than just a phone on your desk: it has evolved into a complete communications ecosystem that allows your employees to connect and collaborate whether at the office, at home or on the road. 

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We begin with our ROI review to determine your companies current voice and data operating costs. We offer a plan to reduce cost and improve service by removing old services and upgrading to improved cost-efficient technology. We will actually lower your monthly operating cost by trading in your old phones and replacing with all new VoIP Phones!

Don’t let price get in the way of your decision. We will match or beat any competitive price. Focus on the best solution for your company.

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